DIGIPROG CAS4 Programmer (incl. 5M48H/1N35H)

The DigiProg Cas 4 programmer is the smallest CAS4 programmer in the world

It is a compact and inexpensive solution for programming or data storage of your CAS4’s EEPROM memory or flash memory.

You can easily save your data from a broken CAS and transfer them to another. This makes your work easier, not more complicated!

The following processors are supported:
5M48H | 1N35H | 0L15Y | 1L15Y

Another advantage: The DigiProg CAS 4 programmer is handy and small, but also robust.

It fits in every pocket, so you always have it with you.

Worth knowing:
A false report deliberately brought about as part of the speedometer adjustment constitutes a criminal offence. Sunshine Technology expressly distances itself from this approach.