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Development and sales of digital speedometers and programming hardware.

We offer our customers outstanding options for speedometer repairs because we are faster and more up-to-date than others.


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Intuitive Operation

We want you to be completely satisfied after purchasing a DIGIPROG. Therefore, maximum user-friendliness is particularly important to us. No wonder then that all DIGIPROG devices are intuitively understandable. An annoying and long training period is simply not needed.

Cumbersome downloading and printing out instructions for use is a thing of the past. All the steps required for commissioning are visualized in an easy-to-understand manner as stylized images on the easy-to-read display.

Additional text information is available in English as the factory setting. Alternatively, the languages are German, Dutch, French, Italian, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese available in device.


Your Benefits

Trust in our more than 30 years of experience as one of the global industry leaders in speedometer repairs - regardless of whether it is a total failure, faulty instrument clusters, defective lighting or pixel errors in the display.

We enable the professional repair of digital speedometers. Fast. Reliable. Continuous.

We have qualified vehicle technicians and IT specialists at our disposal for this. It is precisely these experts who develop all the tools and software solutions who have made our company Sunshine Technology internationally known and successful.


Development Expertise

Due to the frequent model changes of the car manufacturers, are adaptations and opinations unavoidable.

For you as an interested party, this means that you can count on a wealth of experience and specific, state-of-the-art vehicle solutions – bundled in perfect products. The far-reaching possibilities of our DIGIPROG products and suitable services will inspire you.



Especially in modern vehicles, a speedometer cannot be viewed in isolation. It is integrated into a complex system of electronic vehicle memory components, such as the central control unit. These memories must be synchronized accordingly as part of a repair or in the event of a replacement. The synchronization ranges from the adjustment of actual mileage to complete data restoration.

A practical example: Your old speedometer is defective. You have purchased a used spare part at a low price, the mileage displayed does not correspond to the actual total mileage of your vehicle. Consequently, precise adjustment is advisable.

All the more so because the kilometers actually driven may be stored in the various vehicle memories, such as ABS, BCM, BSI, transmission control unit, engine control unit, ignition lock and much more!

Simply changing the kilometers displayed is not sufficient.
Good that there are DIGIPROG products. This means that repairing or replacing the speedometer is no problem.

Worth knowing:

A false report deliberately brought about as part of the speedometer adjustment constitutes a criminal offence.
Sunshine Technology expressly distances itself from this approach.


Individual Consulting Service

Our DIGIPROG solutions are worth every penny. The exact pricing depends on the vehicle type and the associated technical effort. Inquiries are therefore worthwhile. What is certain is that you can already look forward to a high-tech solution that delivers what it promises.

The best thing to do is give us a call so that we can discuss all the options for solving the problem together.We also look forward to your email or a first WhatsApp chat and are happy to take the time for you and your wishes.

As soon as it is clear what is involved in the individual case, you will receive further information about the product, the purchase process and price information from us.


Software Updates

Regular, inexpensive software updates (no obligation to update!) prove that we at Sunshine Technology are aware of current developments in the automotive sector.
No complicated registration is required to install these protected updates. It is sufficient to connect the DIGIPROG to an Internet-enabled PC. Then press the corresponding button in the update tool area. Wait a minute. Finished!


Maximum Compatibility

DIGIPROG is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. With our system solution, a few plug connections are sufficient to establish a stable and functioning connection with the vehicle.
Competitors offer solutions with many more connectors- a real challenge, especially if you want to keep track of things.


Lightning-fast Shipping

So that you don't have to wait long for your ordered DIGIPROG, we rely internally on flat hierarchies through to reliable shipment of goods. Normally we ship via DHL Express.

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