Everything on it. Everything in it. No wish remains unfulfilled here. All this at comparatively attractive conditions.

The innovative DIGIPROG 4 with “one-click update function” from Sunshine Technology communicates with a variety of vehicle control units, such as ABS, BCM, BSI, transmission control unit, engine control unit, ignition lock and much more!

    • Integrated CAS 4 programmer 5M48H | 1N35H | 0L15Y | 1L15Y
    • BMW Eraser 35080-3 | 35080-6 | 35080V6 | 35080VP | 080DOWQ | 35160WP | 160DOWQ
    • separate EEPROM programmer
    • separate MCU programmer
    • automatic backup and loading of EEPROM and Flash files
    • and many more features
Solid design

As soon as you hold a DIGIPROG in your hand after removing it from the padded transport case, you will feel the particularly high quality of workmanship. The housing with protective soft rubber edges is stable and handy. There are neither sharp edges nor unsightly discolorations.
The high-quality TFT color display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels is high-contrast and therefore very easy to read, even in bright daylight.

In tune with the times

We only use the best electronic components the market has on offer ! We would like to keep our customers away from constantly replacing the defective hardware. For this reason, our engineers always work on the best solution.

Everything is out of our own laboratories. Hardware to software. Everything comes from a single source, a factor that clearly distinguishes us from the competition.

The DigiProg 4 is powered by a current powerful Arm Cortex processor.

Why DigiProg 4
    • It is handy
    • It is self-explanatory
    • It is robust
    • Quality made in Germany
    • All instructions integrated in the device
    • Support Via WhatsApp, Skype, Email and Telephone
    • Most “First in the World Solutions” (e.g. Mclaren / Opel 2017 OBD / W213 Full OBD / 907 and many more)
    • o It is the only handheld device with an all-in-one solution from the Cas4 programmer to the eraser
    • Top price/performance ratio

Worth knowing:
A false report deliberately brought about as part of the speedometer adjustment constitutes a criminal offence. Sunshine Technology expressly distances itself from this approach.